The Power of the Social Media Share Button

Power of social media share button

Sharing on Social Media

I found this picture in my Facebook news feed. It was posted by someone I used to work with and  I was appalled to see someone using social media to bully and harass this woman. I don’t know the whole story, and truly it doesn’t matter, by sharing this image they were being a cyberbully.

She may have posted other people’s names and addresses publicly. As I said, I don’t care, that is not the point. By posting her address and phone number the person posting this and the ones sharing it were just as wrong as she may have been. As my mom is always fond of saying, two wrongs don’t make a right.

It is so easy to post something on social media and not feel responsible for it. What is the harm in sharing something like this? After all, all you would need to do is click share. No big deal.

If someone went to her house and scared her and any children she may have, how can you be held responsible? All you did was click share. Everyone does it all day, every day. See a quote you like? Share it. See a satire picture of Barack Obama? Share it. See a video degrading women? Share it.

So often we have the attitude that if we didn’t post the original content, we don’t have any responsibility. Well I am here to tell you that you are responsible for the content you share on social media.

Social media is not a private medium. When you post content on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus, you are leaving an electronic fingerprint. This fingerprint will follow you forever. You can decide to delete something you posted, but there is still an electronic copy of it somewhere on the net.

When you apply for a job, many employers are checking Google and social media sites to research how you conduct yourself online. Every time you share on social media you are adding or subtracting to your online reputation. What will potential employers find out about you?

How to Spot a Twitter Twerp

Dreaded Twitter Twerp

Before we start, let’s define a twerp:

Twerp Defined

Here are 5 warning signs you may be a Twitter Twerp:

1) You automate all of your twitter interactions

Did you honestly think we couldn’t tell?  A lot of people automate some of their posts to free up their time.  It is a good business decision to make.  The difference is twerps only use automation.  We get a auto DM when we follow you, and that is the last interaction we will ever have.  There are no thank yous for retweets or replies to our mentions.  We can hear the crickets it is so quiet from your side of our relationship.

2) You post way too much stuff

Not only do you automate your posts, but you are posting every hour of every day. Practically every minute of every day.  If we have a small number of people we are following than your posts take up most of our Twitter feed.  We are so tired of seeing your profile picture we could scream.

3) You post the same thing repeatedly

After awhile we can practically quote all of your tweets.  Would you at least get some new material?  Maybe throw in some inspirational quotes to break up the monotony of all your self promoting.

4) Always self promoting

Not only are you boring us with the same tweets everyday, but you are doing nothing but promoting yourself.  Experts say social media is a great way to promote your business.  Did you think they meant you were to only promote yourself and not do any actual social interaction?  There is a reason it is called social media.  Socializing is usually a two way street.  You should try it sometime, you might like it.

5) #You #love #hashtags #way #too #much

Using hashtags is a great way to get new people reading your tweets. Overusing hashtags not only is a giant neon sign you are a twerp, it also makes it hard to read your post.  If it is hard to read it won’t get read at all.  Stop trying to get everybody to read your posts and focus on getting the right people to read them.  Keep the hashtags relevant to your subject and use two at the most.

Are you a twerp?

After reading the 5 warning signs have you discovered that you are in actuality a twerp? It’s okay, awareness is the first step to recovery.  From this moment forward start acting as if you are not a twerp and before you know it, you won’t be one any longer.  I have faith that you can do it!

What to do if you see a twerp

If you have been on twitter for any length of time I know you have encountered a twerp. They are abundant and for the most part honestly clueless and harmless.  It is the twerps that knowingly and willfully use these five tactics that you need to be on the lookout for.  When you spot one the best course of action to take is to hit that unfollow button as fast as you can.

Happy Tweeting!

10 of the Best Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

Visual marketing is all the rage and looks like it will continue to be into the far reaching future.  One way your business can utilize this powerful marketing tool is with your Facebook timeline cover photo.

Facebook is giving you a big space to promote your business on.  Your timeline cover photo should be picture based but it can also have text. Here are 7 businesses that are using timeline to its full advantage.

1) Origins

Origins body care company facebook page

A simple yet effective marketing message.  It reminds you the holidays are coming up and, low and behold, they have gifts already wrapped and ready to go. Great way to sell without selling.

2) Chat Noir Books

Bookstore facebook timeline cover

This is incredibly clever and fun.  If this bookstore was in my neighborhood I would definitely go and check them out.  This shows you don’t need to be a big corporation to use visual marketing to your advantage.

3) Melodic Photography by Stacey Ryle

photographer timeline cover

Photographers can really showcase their work using timeline cover photos.  This timeline photo moves you and evokes feelings of love.  Notice they just used a picture with no words.  When using powerful imagery you don’t always need text.

4) Good People Popcorn

popcorn company facebook page

This company put visual to good use showcasing their products.  Local businesses can also use Facebook timeline cover photos effectively to drive sales to their stores.


5) The Ellen DeGeneres Show

This timeline cover photo for a talk show conveys to their audience a feel for what the show is about.  Seeing this you would instantly know this show is fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

6) Saints & Sinners

Channing Tatum facebook business page

This cover photo draws you in by making you imagine the possibilities.  If this restaurant and bar makes Bourbon Street more sinful, just what is it like?  Oh the thoughts that can go through your head.

7) Old Orchard Brands

Timeline cover photo of a small business

Brands can evoke their message with their visuals.  This picture makes you think of nature, old fashion farm life, old fashion values, and simple pleasures..  The products they make would by association be considered all natural and good for you.

8) Green Girl Around Town

Facebook timeline cover photo from Green Girl

The use of a collage is a great idea to showcase your business.  You can give your audience a real feel for your business by showing your different sides. Use your imagination and have fun with your cover photo.

9) Eva Longoria

Facebook timeline cover photo for Eva Longoria

You can promote on your cover photo but you cannot give calls to action.  Watch is a call to action, but since they are not telling you how or where it still is allowed.  Once again use of more than one picture gives you a more complete picture of Eva’s personality. (Disclaimer: I worked with Eva for 8 years so I could be biased.)

10) Cookies for Kaiser

Facebook timeline cover photo for Cookies for Kaiser

When you are a company that gives back you need to make sure you let people know! Cookies for Kaiser has great heart plus you can tell by their timeline photo they are a boutique dog treat company.

Your business size doesn’t matter when using Social Media

We purposefully edited these photos to include their business information.  We wanted to show you that the size of your following doesn’t matter.  Good social media marketing principles are useful for any business and at any stage of their growth.

Your business can use visual marketing no matter how big or small you are.  Social media is the great equalizer when it comes to marketing your business online.

Do you have a favorite timeline cover photo we missed?  Please let us know in comments.




Pinterest: Users Losing Interest?


Pinterest Bookmarking Site

I just read an interesting article on the Digital Marketer Blog titled ”Pinterest: Is The “New” Wearing Off?”

RIP Pinterest?

Should we be holding a memorial for the site?  Pinterest has seen a decrease in how long and how often pinners are using their site. According to their CEO Ben Silbermann “You could call it a sophomore slump, but it’s actually a sign of the times.”.  More than likely because of all the other shiny objects out there trying to grab their attention.

Personally, I have been on Pinterest less myself for both personal and business use.  This is not to say I have lost interest in Pinterest, but that I have found my footing with the site. This is what I think is happening instead of people losing interest, people are realizing that they can’t spend an hour or more everyday on the site.  It is just not sustainable.  We all have busy lives and that is a lot of time looking at DIY projects, food, cats, and whatever other pictures people are pinning.  Yes the novelty has worn off, but the site is still fun and valuable for the core pinner.

Separate business and personal social media time

This brings me to an important point.  As business owners we need to use social media to help promote our business.  The trick is to separate your business time and personal time. Set a timer when you go on a social media site and only do business related tasks during that time.  Do not fall into the trap of looking at your facebook profile for “just a minute”.  It is never just a minute.  There seems to be some strange time warp that goes on with social media and one minute turns into an hour.  I am not sure of how the physics work, but I have experienced this myself so I know it is true.

Shiny object syndrome

Oh look, there is a new social media site I should check out.  It is going to be the next big thing.  Stop!  The best way to use social media for your business is to start with a few social networking sites, and then master the sites you are on.  Stop thinking that another site will provide the magic formula to turn your business into a mega star overnight.  The best use of your time with social media is to nurture the following you have and engage with them.  It may not sound magical, but the truth is social media takes time.  When you consistently give good content and interesting posts for your followers to read, you will see your following grow and your business prosper.  If you do not have the following you want take another look at what you are putting out there.  Is it different from your competition? Set yourself apart from the crowd and your ideal client will find you.




Facebook Friday Networking Party Etiquette

Facebook Networking tips

Another Facebook Friday is coming up!  This is a great way to network with other businesses and to meet some new connections.  Unfortunately, this is also a way for spammers to visit your page.  I have put together some Facebook Friday Etiquette tips.

Do Follow the rules of the Facebook Friday party you are joining

  • Most Facebook parties have rules for joining their party.  The most common is to post as yourself and not your page.  This way other people feel like they are connecting to a real person and not just a faceless business.  Of course you will be including a link to your Facebook business page too!  After all this is a business networking party.

Don’t ask to be liked back

  • Remember a lot of the same rules apply to social media as in real life.  If you went to a local shop and visited their store would you go up to the owner and insist they needed to visit yours now?  I hope your answer is no!

Don’t feel you have to like every page you visit

  • I do not believe you need to, or actually should, like all the pages you visit from a online networking party.  Only like pages you actually like!  What a concept right? The purpose of networking should be to find new and interesting pages to follow. Let’s face it, not all the pages you find are pages you would ever go back to.

Do leave a brief note of welcome

  • When you are checking out a new page it is nice to leave a brief note for them on their wall.  This could be something as simple as letting them know you are visiting because of the networking party.  I suggest you leave the note as yourself and then include a link to your page if they would like to check it out.  Note this is not the same thing as telling them to like your page.  It is a conversation starter.  Remember there is the word social in social media for a reason.

Do not spam!

  • There is a big difference in introducing yourself to a page and in spamming it.  Do not include links to your website or products you are selling.  Do not include any affiliate links.  Once again, would you do that in real life the moment you met someone?  I pray your answer is no.

Do leave a comment or like a post

  • Even if you are not planning to like a page, you could still be social and leave a comment on a post you found interesting.  Do they have a great picture or quote posted?  Go ahead and like it.

I am sure there are many more tips for Facebook Friday.  If you have one please go ahead and leave it in the comments.

Do you agree with my tips?  Let me know!

What’s in a name?

Naming my business

Knowing that I wanted to start my own social media company, I was stumped when it came to a name.  I went for a beach walk with a good friend and we had fun coming up with silly names I could name my business.  One of the names I came up with was Digital Diva Marketing.  She stopped walking and said, “that’s it”.  As we continued on our walk we discussed how a diva gets noticed and stands out, which is what I wanted my business to do.  The more we talked the more convinced I became that maybe, just maybe, I had finally found my name.

Later that week I talked to some co-workers about the name and they loved it.  It seemed that everyone I talked to really liked the name.  I was told over and over again it was the perfect name for me to use.  I was still a little doubtful, but I hadn’t come up with a name I liked better.  So Digital Diva Marketing was formed.

I went to a lot of networking events to promote my new business and every time I said the name a little part of me cringed.  When it came time to finalized my logo, I went with the sexy silhouette of a woman giving attitude because that seemed to go with the name.  I was told I should dress more sexy myself and really stand out as a diva.

Digital Diva Marketing logo

The problem

I think I need to tell you a little bit about myself.  I am not the one you will find standing out in a crowd.  In fact, I rather like sitting back and watching those around me.  I am  sociable and love to talk to new people, but I also like to just absorb the atmosphere.  I am very much into giving of both my time and money to charities and people in need.  If you have a problem I am the friend you turn to.  I am the peace maker and conflict stopper. In short, I am not a diva in any way.  I was not a good figurehead for my own company.

I forgot to do what I tell my clients to do, find your voice, be authentic, and use your strengths.  For the last few weeks I treated myself like I was a client and had to face some hard truths.  I was not building a business I wanted to keep.  And I am sure that came across to the people I talked to loud and clear.  In fact, I know it did.

So the first thing I did was change my business name.  And this time, I did not ask anyone’s opinion before I picked the name.  I choose a name that has meaning to me, something that was authentic to the core of not just me but what I want my business to stand for.  So I went from being Digital Diva Marketing to Plumeria Marketing.

Plumeria Marketing Logo

Plumeria Marketing was born

Why Plumeria Marketing?  I love what plumeria represents in different cultures.  In the Hawaiian culture it stands for everything good in life.  It also symbolizes creation, recreation, and the natural beauty of nature.  In the Chinese culture it symbolizes love and the portrayal of one’s feelings.  In other cultures it represents status, dedication and devotion, and the life and birth of human beings.

I am shaping my business to represent as many meanings of plumeria as I can.  This is such a better representation of what I stand for and who I am.  And when it comes to business, it matters that you be authentic and show the real you.  My suggestion for you is before you name your business, make sure you are very comfortable with it and that it resonates  within you.  You will do so much better and feel better this way!