Meaning Of The Name Dulce, Origin, Personality & Numerology

Meaning Of The Name Dulce, Origin, Personality & Numerology

Dulce is a name that in itself conveys joy and good feelings, and not only because it reminds us of the sweet taste of food, but also because we tend to associate it with pleasant moments or with people we care about. For this reason, if we are looking for a name for our baby with a beautiful meaning and that makes us smile, this is undoubtedly a good option.

In this article, we will talk about the meaning of the name Dulce and we will explain its etymological origin, its personality and much more, don’t miss it! Dulce is a girl’s name .

what does sweet mean

The meaning of the name Dulce, as the word indicates, is totally related to sweetness, kindness, softness and affability. For this reason, the meaning of Dulce is none other than ” pleasant and sweet woman “.

Origin of the name Dulce

Sweet is a word that comes from Latin , specifically from dulcis , an adjective that translates as “sweet”. On the other hand, some theories maintain that the popularity of the name Dulce comes from the use of this word in religion to refer to the sweetness of the name María, it is for this reason that it is common to find Dulce María in passages of the Bible and other religious books.

Likewise, it should be noted that the name also increased in popularity after the creation of Don Quixote de la Mancha, a novel by Miguel de Cervantes, in which the protagonist calls his beloved Dulcinea.

Diminutives and variations of the name Dulce

The name Dulce does not have diminutives, however, there is a variation: Dulcea .

The name Dulce in other languages

  • English : Sweetie
  • Italian : Dolce
  • French : Dulcem

Personality of the name Dulce

If there is something for which women named Dulce stand out, it is for being very familiar and protective . They are very concerned about keeping the home together and defend their loved ones tooth and nail when they feel that they have been attacked or put in danger. On the other hand, these women are usually very nice to everyone, affectionate and cheerful.

In love , Dulce is a woman who seeks stability and seriousness, so if she thinks that a relationship has no future, she will not hesitate to break up with her to focus on other areas of her life.

At work , Dulce is constant, dedicated and very hardworking. She is equally ambitious and works to get to the top of her career. Now, if she must harm other people to do so, she will choose to stay in lower positions, since she cannot bear to harm others.

In family and friendship , as we have already said, Dulce is a protective and caring woman who adores her family. Ever since she was little, she dreams of forming a big family and, therefore, when she has her, she takes care of her and pampers her as much as she can. Likewise, Dulce usually has many friends due to her kind personality and her sympathy.

Celebrities with the name Dulce

  • Dulce María Loynaz : Cuban writer who acquired the Miguel de Cervantes Prize in 1992.
  • Dulce María Espinosa : Mexican singer and actress.

Day of the Saint of Candy

The Santo de Dulce is celebrated on September 12 .

Numerology of the name Dulce

The number of the name Dulce is 9 .

Popularity of the first name Dulce

According to the data provided by the National Institute of Statistics, Dulce is a very little used name in Spain, since there are only 805 women named like that, with an average age of 47 years.

The cities in which the name Dulce is used the most are:

  • Lion
  • Huesca
  • Almeria

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