New Santa Fe - fulfills all your wishes | Know More

New Santa Fe – fulfills all your wishes | Know More

Size, luxury and subordination to the enjoyment of passengers are the words that perhaps best describe the new Hyundai Santa Fe and also the words we want to start the story of this miracle from Korea. For those who don’t know, this is the most prestigious model of Hyundai and also their representative of the D segment in SUV form.

When you first see Santa Fe, the first thing you notice is its size, modern design that especially emphasizes the headlights and taillights, powerful chrome grille, but also lines that are perfect from every angle. Speaking of size, it should be noted that over four generations of development, this model has gradually grown and now “grew” to 4.77 m in length, while the other dimensions are 1.89 m (width) and 1.679 m (height). Standing next to this car makes you feel like a child standing next to a powerful Transformers. This shows that the famous designer Peter Scheyer has once again successfully done the job and provided this model with recognition.

Before continuing the story, it should be noted that thanks to the Marić Center, an authorized distributor of Hyundai vehicles, we had the opportunity and luck to test Santa Fe in the highest equipment package, the Ultimate package, which again raised the whole experience and rating to a higher level. When it comes to the engines that power this SUV, the 2.0 and 2.2 CRDi diesel engines of 185hp and 200hp are paired with six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic transmissions. In the test, we had a diesel engine of 2200 cubic meters and 200 hp with an automatic transmission, which reaches a torque of 440 Nm. Interesting topic to know more about polovni automobili.

The interior of the car is something we could hardly wait to write about, because we believe that this is the segment to which the engineers from Korea gave the greatest emphasis, and at the same time it is the most pleasant surprise for us. Namely, when you find yourself in Santa Fe for the first time, based on the complete interior, ie materials and quality of finishing, you get the impression that you are in a premium class car. The combination of seat and dashboard colors, Alcantara sky, modern design and massive center console – simply, everything exudes luxury. The seats are comfortable and there is enough space in all positions. Thus, of the order of magnitude, if a person is 1.82 m tall for the driver’s position, another person of the same height will have plenty of space on the rear bench. The driver’s position is more than good – the controls are clear and easily accessible, and the visibility is excellent. Touch screen navigation is large (8 inches), easy to use and set in a good position, so the driver will never have to look away from the road. What provides rear seat passengers with a comfortable ride and a pleasant ride are comfortable seats, a flat floor without a central axle, climate control and electrically adjustable seats and ample headroom. The double-bottomed trunk has a volume of 620 liters, so we believe that even on longer trips, none of your suitcases will remain unpacked.

We had the opportunity to test the new Santa Fe in mostly urban conditions, so the average consumption of 10.2l / 100km was more than correct. The character of Santa Fe changes depending on the driving conditions, so we can say that it shows several faces. In urban conditions, it is practically impossible not to feel its weight, especially with sudden accelerations and overtaking, to which, among other things, the automatic transmission contributes. However, in our opinion, the biggest and only drawback can be overcome by switching to manual transmission. It is stable in corners even at higher speeds, and the steering wheel is direct, giving the driver and passengers a good sense of security. On the other hand, this car provides the best driving feeling on the open road, where it cruises on the roads like a real ship at sea, and provides passengers with the greatest comfort and ergonomics.

Santa Fe also changes its mood when changing driving modes, which can be Eco, Smart, Sport and Comfort. Of course, depending on which mode you choose, the operation of the engine and gearbox will change, so the atmosphere and the feeling of driving, but also the consumption will change.

When it comes to innovation and technological additions, there really are plenty of them, so you get the impression that Santa Fe has a solution for every need or problem you encounter. We felt this feeling the most and the best when, in conditions of reduced visibility, the car activated the assistance system while navigating through navigation and thus showed us the path we are taking and a 3D view of the vehicle thanks to which we had the best view of vehicle position in relation to the road and neighboring objects. An additional atmosphere that passengers in the front seat feel is provided by the electric seat control system that automatically brings you closer to the steering wheel and dashboard when you enter the vehicle and vice versa for easier exit. Also, useful gadgets that you will surely fall in love with are the head up display, thanks to which you always have the most important information on the windshield, such as speed and direction of travel, functions such as seat heating and cooling, electric seat adjustment and seat position memory, lane and blind spot monitoring system, vehicle parking system, usb ports back and forth. However, despite all these technological additions, the car is basically simple, which contributes to a good schedule of commands, so after a short drive we had the impression that we have been driving a car for several years.

With the new Santa Fe model, Hyundai has shown the general public how much it has progressed and proved to its competition that it has an excellent representative in the D segment, which, in terms of performance, quality and equipment, easily rivals premium cars. The price of this vehicle in the basic equipment package is 39,490 euros and can increase by a maximum of 10,000 euros depending on what level of equipment you want.

We said goodbye to this car with a heavy heart, but we were equally pleased to have the opportunity to enjoy it. If you are interested enough in our story and pictures, and you wanted to feel the charms of this model, all you have to do is contact the Marić Center and schedule your test drive, and we believe that the charm of Santa Fe will do the rest.

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