Range Rover 2022, imposing down to the last detail

Luxury and avant-garde in the exclusive Range Rover 2022 off-roader. All-wheel drive, a huge 725-liter trunk and a lot of equipment. With light hybridization, you are already waiting for variants of plug-in hybrids to come out.

The new Range Rover 2022 presents its new and imposing 5th generation with normal and extended wheelbase (LWB) variants and V8 gasoline engines, 6-cylinder diesel with 48V hybridization , as well as configurations for 4 or 5 seats and even for 7. Know more about Infiniti ne shitje.

It is completely new compared to its 2012 predecessor, which was restyled in 2017, based on the MLA-Flex (“Modular Longitudinal Architecture Flexible”) platform that increases its rigidity by 50% .

It is somewhat larger than its predecessor and provides specific dimensions for its two variants :

RANGE ROVER 2022 length m Width m Height m battle m trunk liters

extended battle










The trunk is very large with a capacity of 725 liters (short wheelbase variant with 5 seats) , and electrically actuated split window and innumerable support spaces and small cabins.

Its most notable aesthetic characteristics are:

  • Vertical “gills” on the sides (less bulky)
  • Good aerodynamics (Cx 0.30) thanks to good fairing, absence of bodywork relief and smooth surfaces
  • Design that joins the metal area of ​​the doors with the glass area of ​​the windows, as if everything were a single piece
  • Adaptive variable focus diode headlights
  • Vertical rear light clusters camouflaged within the rear black area of ​​the bodywork
  • Cubic and robust line under a very clean design with simple lines
  • Door handles flush with the bodywork
  • Pillars hidden behind the moons
  • Traditional brand “floating” roof

Its weight goes beyond 2 and a half tons , although abundant aluminum has been used in its monocoque, its impressive size and the weight of its important engines make it reach that figure.

Multiple and impressive engines

The initial introductory offer is limited to 3 engines:

  • Turbodiesel 3.0 300d (300 hp) with 48V light hybridization ( DGT “ECO” label )
  • Turbodiesel 3.0 350d (350 hp) with 48V light hybridization (DGT “ECO” label)
  • Supercharged V8 4.4 petrol with 530 hp, 250 km/h top speed and 4.6 seconds of acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h

And they are offered in 4 trim levels , luxury “ SE” , HSE and “ Autobiography” , in addition to the launch exclusive “ First Edition ”.

In later months , the PHEV plug-in hybrid variants with 440 and 510 hp (P440e and P510e) will arrive , which will have a 3.0 6-cylinder gasoline engine and another 144 hp (105 kW) electric engine, with a 38.2 kW battery. /h of capacity that is located under the floor without affecting habitability, and that will provide an electric autonomy of 100 km . In 2024 a new all-electric variant will be introduced to the range.

The battery of the PHEV variants can be recharged at fast charging points of up to 50 kW in direct current with charges of 80% in less than 1 hour and will have a sophisticated system for taking advantage of regenerative braking, in addition to various efficiency devices. energetic.

All engines are associated with an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox (with steering wheel paddles) and 4-wheel drive , with  Intelligent Driveline Dynamics all-wheel drive  throughout the range that distributes torque between the front and rear axles. automatically.

It also mounts the ” Terrain Response 2″ management system , with 8 driving modes: Comfort, Dynamic, Eco, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud-furrows, Sand, Hill climbing and Wading, as well as an “automatic mode” that choose the most appropriate mode at all times.

The Range Rover 2022 is a true off-roader that can travel at a 45º tilt and rise 30 cm from the ground within the 4 height levels of its air suspension.

It also has variable damping with electronic control and optionally with active stabilizer bars and a new standard 4-wheel steering that allows a very short turning diameter of 10.95 meters.

Inside a real living room

It is probably the interior of this 5th generation Range Rover that is the most impressive, with almost too much space left over , even in the 7-seater long (LWB) model with a third row that can perfectly accommodate 1.80m adults.

The comfort it exudes is truly luxurious. All seats have electrical adjustment, abundant storage compartments, 8 USB sockets, mini-console with air conditioning controls (up to 4 zones), massage function (even in the rear seats), sunshades on the windows, optional 8” touch screen in the rear armrest , etc.

A 13.4” digital panel is located on the dashboard in addition to the 13.4” floating central screen (with “Land Rover Pivi Pro” operating system) and the air conditioning controls on its base. More screens can be added to the back of the front row seats.

All versions have the ” Wireless Mirror Link ” for smartphones, Amazon Alexa voice control as well as an audio system that has up to 35 speakers (Meridian 1,600 W power) being able to park the car from outside with the function ” Remote Assist Park ” for easy manoeuvres.

Countless rare gear

It would be impossible to relate everything that the Range Rover 2022 mounts as standard , although we highlight:

  • electric seats
  • rear view camera
  • Tri-zone climate control
  • Meridian sound system
  • signal reader
  • Blind spot and lane departure sensors
  • Panoramic ceiling
  • 4×4 Terrain Response 2 drive
  • Highlighting by trim levels:
    • “Autobiography” :
      • heated and massage seats
      • 4 zone climate control
      • Meridian Signature hi-fi system
      • head up display
      • 22” wheels
      • leather upholstery
    • “First Edition”:
      • household power socket (and even a fridge in the front center console)
      • 23” wheels
      • super tinted windows
      • 11.4” rear screens
      • heated windshield
      • exclusive leather upholstery (Perlino)

In addition to the impressive contents that it has, Range Rover also launches its new exclusive personalization division (SV) , with which its fundamentally aesthetic contents, both interior and exterior, can be further completed.


Finally, this genuine luxury equipment for this luxury SUV justifies a high price level that positions it at the level of the highest specialists in the sector, with the first deliveries expected at the end of the first quarter of 2022 .

RRP (€) not including discounts or other promotions:

Version SE (€) HSE (€) Auto-biography (€) First Edition (€)
3.0D 300 hp SWB Aut. 8v 4WD MHEV 143,300 151,950 169,950 183,300
4.4 V8 530 CV SWB Aut. 8v 4AWD 193,700
3.0D 350 hp LWB Aut. 8v 4WD MHEV SE 151,250 159,950 177,150 186,500
4.4 V8 530 hp LWB Aut. 8v 4AWD SE 161,650 170,300 187,550 196,900
3.0D 350 hp LWB Aut. 8v 4WD MHEV (7 seater) SE 154,350 163,000 176,450
4.4 V8 530 CV LWB Aut. 8v 4AWD (7 seats) SE 164,700 173,400 186,850

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