Top 5 Cams for Streaming on Twitch

Top 5 Cams for Streaming on Twitch

Do you want to start doing direct on Twitch and you don’t know which webcam to buy? We recommend five of the best cameras for streaming on Twitch. Some of them are even in the setups of the best streamers of 2022 like El Xokas, Ibai, Auronplay, Rubius, Ninja or TheGrefg.

To stream properly, you may need things like a good computer, a capture device and something to do with a webcam. And it is precisely the best streaming cameras that we are here to talk to you about! Whether you plan to play video games or have a good time with your community doing “Just Chatting”, you need a good webcam.

But the best cameras for streaming will be very expensive… you’ll be thinking, Well no! What if we told you that you can buy some of the webcams on this list much cheaper than what they would cost you in any store. It is not a bug or an exploit, it is the advantage of buying second-hand webcams at Cash Converters. Learn more about kupujemprodajem.

Tips for choosing the best camera for streaming

Before you start looking at some of the best webcams for streaming that we are going to recommend, we are going to give you some tips on what to look at before buying them. Because understanding the characteristics of each one will help you decide on the one that best suits your needs.

output resolution

The minimum you should look for in a streaming camera is a resolution of at least 1280×720 pixels (ie 720p) . This will make it possible for your viewers to see you in good quality. Although if your budget allows it, we suggest you choose at least a 1920×1080 pixels (ie 1080p) webcam . What about 4K streaming cameras? We really don’t recommend them as 4K streaming is still unnecessary in most cases.

frame rate

The frame rate per second is another important aspect to consider when buying a streaming camera. Especially if you plan to broadcast fast-paced activities or those in which there is a lot of movement. To stream video games, interviews or activities where there is not much movement, a 30 fps webcam is the most reasonable . However, there are models like some of the best streaming cameras on this list that can reach 60 to 120 fps so that viewers do not lose detail of what is happening during the live show.

auto focus

Have you ever seen a video or a direct in which the camera can not focus on anything? If so, you don’t want the same thing to happen to you. Especially if you plan to move a lot during the recording or show objects in the foreground . If you think this is going to be a problem, look into streaming cameras with autofocus, which will allow your webcam to quickly focus on whatever is closest to the lens.

Best cameras for streaming

The time has come, these are the five models that we recommend if you want to buy the best webcams for your streaming. From brands like Logitech, ElGato or Razer and used by your favorite streamers, we are sure that they will not leave you indifferent.

1. Logitech Stream Cam

Even if you think Logitech only makes peripherals for work, this webcam was designed for streamers. And it is that if you already know the Logitech C922 Pro (also present in this list), you will be surprised to know that the most recent Streamcam surpasses it in every way.

Logitech Streamcam Features

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame rate: 60fps
  • Field of view: 78 degrees
  • Size: 58 x 66 x 48mm
  • Connectivity: USB-C

The Logitech Streamcam has earned the top spot on our list of the best streaming cameras for video quality (1080p at 60fps) . With which you can not worry about the quality of your broadcasts once you turn on the web. Also, another of the best things this webcam has to offer streamers is its auto framing and auto exposure features, which will keep the framing and colors balanced at all times. As if that were not enough, the Logitech Streamcam also takes care of its design, which, apart from being very pretty, offers us various mounting options, such as a desktop tripod.

What we like

  • Auto-frame feature
  • Flexible mounting options
  • excellent image quality

what not

  • USB-C cable is short and not detachable

2. Logitech C922 Pro

If the Logitech Streamcam is a little out of your budget, that’s fine, the above but highly recommended C922 Pro is ideal for starting streaming for the first time. This versatile webcam is the best value for money streaming camera and its performance in this regard is surprisingly superior to many other webcams that beat it in price.

Features of the Logitech C922 Pro

  • Resolution: 1080p recording, 720p live streaming
  • Frame rate: 30fps at 1080p, 60fps at 720p
  • Field of view: 78 degrees
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Size: 44*95*71mm

Although it seems very large at first glance, the Logitech C922 Pro fits perfectly on top of any PC monitor, or if you prefer, a tripod. As for what it is capable of, the webcam records and streams live at 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps depending on your preference. Plus, if you’re out with company and your mic is unidirectional, the Logitech C922 Pro itself includes two dual mics that create stereo audio, so you don’t both need a separate mic.

What we like

  • Can be attached to monitor or tripod
  • Optional background removal
  • Full HD streaming
  • stereo microphones

what not

  • No external microphone support

3.Elgato Facecam

If you’ve immersed yourself in the world of streaming, you’ve probably heard of a new brand of peripherals called Elgato. Well-known for their stream deck, their new proposal has been among the best streaming cameras of 2022 and its simplicity and high video quality have made it more than worthy of a place on our list.

Elgato Facecam Features

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame rate: 60fps at 1080p
  • Field of view: 82 degrees
  • Size: 58 x 80 x 48mm
  • Connectivity: USB 3.0, USB-C

The Elgato Facecam is capable of recording uncompressed 1080p 60fps video , which you can also correct with Elgato’s Camera Hub software for even higher quality. And although the focus of the webcam is fixed, don’t be fooled by appearances, since the quality with which it focuses the images is really surprising. Just don’t expect it to come with a built-in microphone like other streaming cameras on the market. Although if we stop to think about it, this will not really matter to the vast majority of streamers.

What we like

  • Uncompressed 1080p video
  • Good control of settings

what not

  • Does not have a built-in microphone
  • High price

4. Razer Kiyo

If you are also an instagramer or tiktoker as well as a streamer, you will like the Razer Kiyo and if not, let us tell you that it will surprise you. Without a doubt, we are talking about the best webcam for streaming with integrated light , ideal for recording video in which image quality and lighting matter.

Features of the Razer Kiyo

  • Resolution: 1080p or 720p
  • Frame rate: 30fps at 1080p, 60fps at 720p
  • Field of view: 90 degrees
  • Connectivity: USB2.0
  • Size: 69*69*48mm
  • Weight: 200g

If you don’t want to spend part of your budget on separate lighting for your streaming setup, the Razer Kiyo is the best streaming camera for you. This model has  its own integrated ring light made up of 12 LEDs and fully adjustable, reaching intensities of up to 10 Lux and a color temperature of 5600K. As for the camera itself, the Razer Kiyo streams at 1080p at 30fps , and 720p at 60fps . Finally, and in terms of its design, do not be scared by its slightly larger size than other streaming cameras, the Kiyo fits perfectly on top of any computer screen.

What we like

  • Full HD resolution at 30fps
  • Integrated LED ring light

what not

  • No external audio support
  • can be difficult to find

5. MEVO Start

Do you want to stream literally wherever you are? And no, you will not need to connect the MEVO Start by cable to a computer to make direct. This is hands down the best camera for PTZ streaming , with a dedicated and easy-to-use phone app that lets you pan, tilt, and zoom during your recordings.

Features of the MEVO Star

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Digital/Zoom: Digital Zoom
  • Frame rate: 30fps at 1080p
  • Field of view: 84 degrees
  • Size: 34*75*87mm
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi (NDI), USB-C, 3.5mm microphone

Don’t know what PTZ cameras are? We will explain it to you quickly, they are webcams with motorized supports that allow them to move, zoom and change their frames during the recording. The nice thing about the MEVO Start over other streaming cameras is that you can control it over a Wi-Fi connection. If you want to take your streaming channels on the road, this device offers you the possibility to broadcast anywhere, without cables and with impressive sound quality for 6 hours on a single charge.

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