What does an education inspector do? Know More

What does an education inspector do? Know More

The education inspector has a key role in the educational system in Spain. This figure, which passes through certain assigned educational centers, has to advise that good practices and the quality of teaching meet the requirements set by the Ministry of Education.

But how can you work as an education inspector and what are the requirements? In this post, we explain its functions and the steps you should follow to become an education inspector , such as studying a degree related to education – and that could be the Degree in Primary Education in Madrid.

Duties of an education inspector

The education supervision agent has to control, evaluate, advise and inform the educational administration about compliance with regulations and teaching performance in schools. It has a varied role, but it is defined in Organic Law 2/2006 on Education. Next, we explain the main functions:

  • Evaluate the state of the center at a structural and teaching level.
  • In addition to the teacher, you also have to ensure that students have everything they need (tools, available services etc) to benefit from their education – especially students with some type of disability or at risk of social exclusion.
  • Confirm compliance with the educational standard. The inspector is assigned several educational centers within his community. The educational norm has to be applied in any place, be it primary, secondary, professional training or a language school and art school, for example.
  • After advising what is happening in the education centers, the adviser has to inform the administration of his analysis, both positive points and areas for improvement. Check out more interesting articles on our PM Blog.
  • Educational administrations can also request more detailed investigations and reports from the education inspector.

Education Inspector: Requirements

To join the Corps of Education Inspectors, since it is a public position, you have to pass some oppositions.

Before you can do them, you should have certain requirements, including:

  • Be over 18 years old and under 65 years old.
  • Spanish nationality or from a member country of the European Union.
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Architect’s degree, Doctorate degree or equivalent.
  • Belong to some body of those that make up the teaching public function.
  • Demonstrate a minimum of six years of experience as a civil servant, as well as teaching experience of the same duration.

Educational inspection oppositions: What do they consist of?

After meeting the requirements, if you decide to apply for the options, you should know that they consist of three exams:

  • Written development of a topic from the first part of the agenda . The theme will be chosen by the applicant by lottery.
  • Oral presentation of a topic belonging to the second part of the agenda . It will also be chosen by the applicant.
  • Analysis and resolution of a practical case

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