The PS5 and Xbox Series X exclusives that are yet to come

The PS5 and Xbox Series X exclusives that are yet to come

Discover all the exclusive PS5 and Xbox Series X games, so you can decide which one to keep. The new generation is here!

And it is that, as much as analysts invade us with performance tests, teraflops and gigahertz, what ultimately makes us decide on a console are its exclusive games. Currently we can already play many of these titles and although some still do not have a confirmed date, their upcoming release has been announced as totally exclusive titles or with temporary exclusivity for one of the two consoles. Are you looking for game console repair in United States?

PS5 exclusive games

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

We start our list with one of the exclusive PS5 games that are expected to accompany us with the launch of the new console. This new adventure is the continuation of the already successful Marvel’s Spider-Man from 2018  and if you have played the previous installment you will find an equally impressive game. And it is that although little time has really passed between the two deliveries of the new spider boy, the title enjoys the same mechanics as the previous one and a more concentrated story (both for better and for worse).

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

If you’re one of those who had already played the old Ratchet & Clank games, you’ll be just as excited as we are about the new installment of Rift Apart (highly recommended for all audiences). And in this graphically stunning new interdimensional adventure, our favorite duo of Lombax and Robot will be joined by a mysterious new partner who will help them save a universe full of old familiar planets and a handful of new worlds to discover. Know more about PlayStation repair in USA.

Grand Touring 7

Lovers of four wheels, it’s time to get back on the wheel with an old acquaintance from all Play Station lists. The Gran Turismo saga returns with its seventh installment as one of the most anticipated exclusive PS5 games for fans. A title with 4K and 60FPS graphics that exploits all the potential and promises of this new generation of consoles.

Game modes, old functions that return, original circuits, vehicle improvement and a confirmed use of DualSense technology are just some of the novelties in this game from Polyphony Digital.

Sackboy A Big Adventure (Digital Sumo)

Do you remember the saga of Little Big Planet? What would happen if we gave it a few touches of Mario Bross? The answer to these questions can be found in Sackboy A Big Adventure, one of the exclusive PS5 games designed to entertain the little (and not so little) gamers in the house.

With the promise of immersing us in its colorful universe full of textures, the new Sumo Digital title is presented as a perfect option to enjoy without pretensions, a good handful of hours of adventure at full speed from the comfort of our armchair.

Destruction All Stars

Lucid Games’ proposal is forceful, ” Playing soccer with cars is fine, but destroying cars with cars is much better.” With this alone we should know that Destruction All Stars is one of those exclusive PS5 games created by and to have a laugh with our flatmates, friends or literally anyone who stands between us and the podium with the launch of the new console. Get behind the wheel of a car created for destruction and drive through a crazy circuit designed to kill you and your rivals.

This is when things start to get weird, not for less, Returnal is one of the most anticipated PS5 exclusives. This title presents us with a space adventure that mixes horror with science fiction , a few touches of Edge of Tomorrow and an incredible number of shots on the screen. With this game, Housemarque brings a bit of fresh air to the third-person shooter genre by mixing it with certain aspects of roguelinke gameplay and definitely exquisite graphics. Will it be one of the great surprises of the new generation?

Demon’s Souls Remake

If there is something that the most demanding gamers could have asked of this new generation of consoles, it was to remaster some of the best exclusive video games of this decade (said and done). For lovers of RPGs and challenges in equal measure, Demon’s Souls is a game where mistakes are severely punished. Play as a warrior in a very hostile environment and overwhelmingly more powerful than you, in this new version of the From Software game from Bluepoint Games.

Horizon 2 Forbidden West

The long-awaited sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn has not been long in coming and stands as one of the most anticipated PS5 exclusive games by the community. An RPG adventure where we recommission Aloy in her fight with mechanical and futuristic versions of the local fauna, in search of answers this time not so much to his past, but to the future of humanity. Guerrilla Games’ work speaks for itself, offering graphic quality and fluidity in line with the expectations generated by this new generation of consoles.

Astro’s Playroom

If there is one of the exclusive PS5 games that promises to fully exploit all the technology and new functions of the DualSense, it is without a doubt Astro’s Playroom. Japan Studio’s commitment to creating a friendly and immersive platform game has led them to make the PS5 controller more than just a controller. In fact, we are sure that you are going to play, since in addition to coming already installed on the console, it is totally free. Don’t miss the opportunity to brand new your PS5 with a fun game designed specifically for it.


Without a doubt, Godfall is one of the strongest bets in the PS5 exclusive game catalog. An action RPG title that mixes the aesthetics and brutality of the new God of War with a looter-slasher system that takes place in a fantasy universe that has spectacular visuals . In addition, one of the things to highlight about the title is the possibility of playing it in company, with up to three players at the same time, being able to choose between several of the classes of warriors that the game offers us to destroy our enemies.

Xbox Series X exclusive games


We couldn’t start the Xbox Series X exclusive games list with anything other than the Halo franchise. With the question of whether or not it would be one of the most anticipated launch games, rumors suggest that we may have to wait until 2021 to play it. For the rest, this Halo Infinite does not surprise but does not disappoint either, since the little that 343 Industries has taught us points to an improvement in graphics, a new adventure and large maps to explore with new vehicles.

Senua’s Saga Hellblade II

We don’t want to do too many spoilers, but if you’ve already played the first Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice with Ninja Theory, you’ll be just as excited as we are to sink your teeth into this sequel. The only thing we have for now of the game is a trailer (spectacular by the way) that without going into much detail reveals several things: the importance that music and sound effects will have in the gaming experience and the continuation of certain problems that carries the protagonist in the previous installment.

Project Mara

Ninja Theory’s second surprise for this batch of Xbox Series X exclusives is called Project Mara. This is practically all we know, since as is normal in this company, we cannot deduce much more from its launch trailer. For the rest, the title aims to be a psychological horror game with a photo-realistic graphic section, which we can consider a true generational leap. Although we still have a lot to see.


Not all exclusive games for Xbox Series X have to have super hyper realistic graphics, in fact the game proposal developed by Rare has a very clear objective: “Offer unique and unforgettable experiences in a natural and magical world” . Concepts such as nature, travel and the different benefits of collaboration for a goal beyond the mundane, will be the keys to an unusual game. Another aspect to note is that, despite being a title for the new generation, its launch is also expected for the Xbox One.


Friends, friends, gamers of the 90s, Fable is back . It’s been almost 10 years since that remastering of one of the first titles in the original saga from 2003, which is now back at the hands of Playground (picking up the baton from Lionhead Studios). For now we don’t know too much either, only promises to maintain and enhance the essence that has characterized this saga, which will recover a medieval world of fairy tales with touches of humor in abundance .


First announced in 2017, Scorn is a shooter to say the least because of its sinister aesthetics, which has had many of us on edge since its first trailer. It is recently when this title developed by Ebb Software has been revealed as one of the exclusive Xbox Series X games.

What can we expect from Scorn? The Alphas, leaks and even the first gameplays do not reveal much, although we could assume that it will not be as frenetic as the games in the Doom saga, whose weight will be in a plot that confuses us from the beginning, a string of sounds that are too suggestive and a visual section to say the least grotesque.

The Medium

In The Medium, to talk about the existence of ghosts and a mystical plane that mixes with ours , is to fall very, very short. This title developed by Bloober Team as one of the exclusives for Xbox Series X hits the table determined to innovate in terms of gameplay. Dual soundtrack and dual gameplay, abstract concepts until we see the trailer to discover a story that will take us to explore an abandoned hotel.

The Ascent

Developed by Neon Giant and published as one of the exclusive Xbox Series X games with smart delivery (that is, if you buy it on Xbox One you can play it on Series X), The Ascent stands out from the rest of the titles as a multiplayer RPG shooter in a cyberpunk universe. Although it may remind us a lot of titles like the Diablo saga, in this game you will have to manage to prevent both gang members and members of numerous hostile corporations from taking power .

Second Extinction

What if there was a game that was about killing waves of mutated dinosaurs with your friends ? This was the idea that led the Systemic Reaction studio to develop Second Extinction, a fast-paced 3-player cooperative shooter . Kill mutated dinosaurs that want to conquer the earth, work as a team to achieve it and make use of a large arsenal of weapons, abilities and unique skills to achieve it.

Stalker 2

Those of us who played Shadow of Chernobyl back in 2007 would never have imagined that we would see these acronyms on the cover of a video game again. Stalker is a first-person shooter that promises to maintain the rawness and hallmarks of a saga that today we can recommend playing. An open world, decisions that have an impact on both the plot and the environment in the short term and, in general, a high bar of ambitions, are what keep those of us who know the saga with our eyes set on the release date of this game

We hope our personal roundup of the best PS5 and Xbox Series X exclusives that have come out or are yet to come has lived up to your expectations. Some are already enjoying these powerful consoles and games, others in the meantime, we will have to wait enjoying our well-known PS4 and Xbox One. Remember to leave us in the comment box a game that we have not mentioned in the list and that you think deserves to be. Until next time!

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